Dakota Ridge Homeowners Association
Annual Meeting of Members
at The Hampton Inn, Steamboat Springs, Colorado
March 22, 2016

The annual meeting of the members of the Dakota Ridge Homeowners Association (�DRHOA� or �Association�) was called to order at 4:05 p.m. by Association President Sharon Pace.

Members of the current board of directors (�Board�) of DRHOA were in attendance: Sharon Pace, Carrie Hayden, Tomas Stone, Tim DePuy and Sarah Jones. Medora Fralick and Nancy Kounovsky of the Commercial Property Group (�CPG�) were present. A sign in sheet for all lot owners in attendance and copies of proxies are included with these minutes for the record.

Medora Fralick of CPG stated that a quorum was present by members present and by proxy. A total of 49 out of 74 lots were represented.

The first item on the agenda was approval of the 2015 Annual Meeting Minutes. Kris Fuhr made a motion to approve the minutes as presented with Steve Hofman seconding the motion. A vote was taken with all voting for approval and none opposed. Motion carried.

Budget Presentation and Vote was the next agenda item. Tomas Stone presented the 2015/16 financial results along with the Board approved 2016/17 Budget. As of mid-March, it is estimated that the current year will compare favorably with the operating budget, resulting in an approximate $9,000 operating surplus. As of the same date, the balance sheet shows assets of about $251,000, of which approximately $216,000 are Association capital reserves. Tomas submitted a detailed financial report (attached).

Regarding the 2016/17 Budget, it was noted that the dues will remain the same and that the individual categories are consistent with the previous year actual amounts. The Budget was put before the association for ratification. A motion was made by Jim Lob and seconded by Kris Furh to ratify the 2016/17 Budget as presented. A vote was taken with all voting in approval by saying aye and none opposed. Motion carried.

Medora announced the results of the Board Member Election. Sharon Pace received 44 votes and Tomas Stone received 43 votes. Both individuals received a majority of the votes and are re-elected for a two-year Board term.

Tim DePuy presented the Water Report (attached). The highlights of Water System Upgrade Project � Phase I were discussed along with the plan for Phase II. The Board will be forming an Infrastructure Committee in the near future with the goal to create a 10 year plan for the water system, roads and other capital improvements. Also, the Board will review and consider revisions to the current water rate model.

Carrie Hayden presented the Road Report (attached). The report encompasses the routine maintenance completed in the previous year along with the planned work to be completed in 2016/17.

Sarah Jones presented the ARC Report (attached). A recap of the 2015/16 ARC reviews was presented along with a reminder to the Association members as to the process and standards of the ARC review process; these standards can be generally described as requiring a review by the ARC Committee, prior to the commencement of construction, of any change to the exterior of a home or addition to it. Sarah suggested that if any Member has a question about whether a planned change requires ARC review, they should contact Medora or an ARC Committee member

Under Other Member Issues, Sharon Pace presented the results of the ballot to amend the Articles of Incorporation pertaining to incurring indebtedness - 25 homeowners voted in favor, 26 voted against and one homeowner abstained. The Articles of Incorporation require 2/3 of the Members to approve any proposed change, so this one was not accepted by the Association members. A discussion followed with suggestions/comments as to how to improve communication between the Association members and the Board.

An Association member suggested the Board consider adopting Guiding Principles to help foster trust between the homeowners and the Board.

Homeowner issues/objectives received by the Board via the returned ballots were presented by the Board and discussed, including increasing communication between the Board and Members by more frequent email, unsuccessful discussions with Atmos Energy regarding bringing natural gas into Dakota Ridge, whether the Association has a safety plan, and any coordination with abutting homeowners associations regarding urban-wildland interface Mike Zopf reminded the Members about the importance of reducing or eliminating standing water to reduce mosquito breeding areas and the associated risks of mosquito-borne disease.

A homeowner letter was brought up at the meeting. The Board acknowledged receipt of the letter.

There being no further business before the meeting, Tomas Stone made a motion to adjourn with Tim DePuy seconding the motion. The meeting was adjourned at 5:30 p.m.


Nancy Kounovsky
Recording Secretary