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Dakota Ridge Board of Directors Meeting
July 12th at 8:30 AM via Zoom

Board Members Present: Carrie Hayden, Scott Prochazka, Holly Van Deursen, and Bill Noyes
Others Present: Andrea Wilhelm and Selena Gonzalez of Commercial Property Group
Quarter 1 Financial Review
Holly Van Deursen presented the first quarter financials speaking to all notable operating expense variances over $1,000. This included unfavorable variances in snow removal and water operations as well as favorable variances in water contractor and water system repairs & maintenance. All association accounts are within the FDIC limits and there are no owner assessments outstanding.
The capital reserve shows a negative variance in the water system improvement project with Andrea confirming that not all invoices have been received to date. The initial bid was approximately $151,000 and Native Excavating has invoiced approximately $122,000 of this bid to date. The change orders to date have been approximately $40,000 for additional work relating to the fire hydrant, re-engineering of lines, asphalt additions, and the installation of the perforated drain. The initial project budget was $200,000 with engineering and contingencies so the project in total, including the change orders, is expected to still come in close to budget.
Water System Updates
Andrea presented the water usage metrics, including historical data, that shows that Q2 water loss is down over Q2 of last year. Roughly 200K less gallons were pumped from the Yampa, $200K more gallons were billed through the home smart meters, and the loss percentage has decreased by about 15% which is likely attributable to the leak investigation work conducted last fall. The gallons lost in the 2nd quarter equates to roughly 7 gallons per minute. Discussion took place regarding the recommended threshold at which to conduct leak testing which was previously quoted by Civil Design Consultants to be somewhere in the range of loss greater than 7-10gpm. Andrea will report back to the Board with July water loss metrics (vs. waiting until the end of the quarter) to better gauge how the water loss rate is trending. She will also inquire with the engineers whether the testing would be more effective during or after irrigation season. The Board asked CPG to notate the recommended testing threshold and the gallons per minute loss rate alongside the loss percentage on the water loss spreadsheet.
The capital improvement plan calls for the pumphouse roof and siding work to be conducted this season, but the water operator, Tim Gibbons, does not believe the work is necessary this year. The Board agreed to defer to the expert’s opinion.
Native is prepping this week for the final asphalt repairs at the site of the waterline replacement and RMA (Rocky Mountain Asphalt) will conduct final patching by the end of July.
Andrea reported that that RMA is also preparing the annual crack filling estimate, but it is likely to be higher than the budgeted $20,000 due to another $10-$12K of recommended mastic product for the wider cracks.
Based upon conversations with the contractors, the scope and cost of the Trail Ridge Road improvements have evolved. The initial estimate for $100,000 was to install two culverts, grade the upper slope of Trail Ridge Road on the common parcel, and install a rock wall below the Maxwell driveway to facilitate drainage. Given the size/scope of these modifications, Native could not squeeze the work into this season. After further review and discussion with Native and NWCC, it was determined that for roughly half the cost, two feet of asphalt could be removed from the uphill side of Trail Ridge Road and the drainage ditch could be widened and improved while the road would still meet the necessary code for emergency vehicles. Rather than installing a drain pipe the length of the road, riprap and the culvert addition will be used to facilitate drainage and prevent further erosion in lieu of the rock wall and common parcel grading. The Board asked a few questions about future maintenance of the riprap and ditch and Bill confirmed that depending on the sediment, it will still require cleaning every few years but will hopefully be an effective and less invasive solution. Andrea reported that Native will be starting this revised project next week.
Andrea communicated that following the annual meeting, Native drove the entire neighborhood to assess locations requiring ditch cleaning but they were unable to locate any areas they felt were problematic. They did identify a few areas with trees growing in ditches that could become an issue in the future. The Board discussed a previous recommendation made by a road expert to address cattails growing in ditches as they may be problematic or a sign of a water loss site. CPG was requested to drive the roads near the meadow on Aspen Ridge Road and Agate Creek Road, as well as the creek near the Jones’ driveway and, if cattails are observed, for Andrea to review these areas and reach back out to Native on the validity of that concern.
The Trail Ridge Road chip seal work should be completed by mid-September depending on GMCO’s schedule. Discussion regarding the details of the chip seal work resumed to include the difference between 3/8” and 5/8”, the price difference of each, and how the size impacts snow removal operations. The engineer suggested 5/8” but the snow removal operators mentioned 5/8” could result in more plow damage. Both the engineer and operator agree that 5/8” would be beneficial for traction on Trail Ridge Road but have differing opinions about chip sealing the rest of the association roads. The Board requested a meeting be scheduled with all experts involved to determine the best way to proceed. CPG was also asked to re-circulate the list of associations/roads with recent and aged chip seal previously provided by Brian Len.
Roadside mowing was completed in early July by NRSG and the roadside and common parcel weed spraying was completed by SavAtree. NRSG will also be assessing the common parcels this fall for fire mitigation recommendations since there is annual money budgeted in the capital reserve plan. Further discussion ensued regarding tree removal, with the Board noting the observance of more dead trees on or near to the Agate Creek neighborhood adjacent to Dakota Ridge. Both CPG and members of the Board will investigate the dead trees bordering the association and Agate Creek/Humble Ranch to best determine how to proceed with this concern.
Architectural Review Committee
Since the beginning of the fiscal year the committee has received five tree removal submittals and two submittals to replace two rotted foundational support beams. Additionally, plans for lot 43 home constructed are expected to be resubmitted and there is potentially a forthcoming application to change the Lot 51 building envelope.
Covenant Review Committee
Carrie reported the CRC has been working with association counsel to clear up all discussed items save for two – detached/accessory structures and fences. The CRC is hoping to bring the language of these two items to resolution in the next meeting on August 11th but has struggled to coordinate meetings this summer given vacation schedules.
Other Business
Andrea introduced HB 23-1105 which calls for the State of Colorado to create an HOA task force and requires associations notify owners of the task force before August 1.
September 14th Fall BBQ
The fall BBQ is being planned for September 14th from 4 PM to 7 PM. There was discussion about the event location, budget, logistics, and how CPG might assist in the planning and execution, with the Board requesting CPG send one more request to solicit a volunteer to host who has not done so in the past.
Other Business
An owner recently made CPG aware of the heightened presence of bears in the neighborhood and the increase in their aggressiveness. CPG will distribute a notice of bears in the area to the ownership with Colorado Parks and Wildlife contact information as a resource.
With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 9:54 AM MDT.

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