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Dakota Ridge Board Meeting Minutes
October 17, 2019 8am, CPG Conference Room

Present: Holly Van Deursen, Sarah Jones, Jim Lob (phone)
Others Present: Medora Fralick & Andrea Wilhelm (Commercial Property Group)

Water Update
Jim reported that Tim is continuing the ongoing samples with various residences. He questioned why the water loss was so high this quarter (60% per Angie’s spreadsheet) vs. the same quarter last year which was only 13%. This was in fact a formula error but the loss was still 37% last quarter. CPG was made aware of two significant leaks last quarter at the Noyes and Lazof’s residences but will need to look into the loss issue with Tim. Lastly, Medora reported that the chlorine contact basin has been 100% completed with an O&M manual and final invoicing.

Financial Update
In general, Holly said the YTD variances for this quarter are favorable with the exception of water income which is down by about $5K due to 2M gallons less of usage in Apr-June. At the bottom of the financials under “Other Income/Expense,” the HOA spent about $52K for water and $122K for road sealing and traffic control this quarter which were both expected expenses. All bank account balances are under the $250k FDIC insured limit. Combined balances in the checking and savings account ended right around $307 which is fairly close to the $300K minimum guideline previously established by the board however it will increase again in October with water billing. The total cash assets are down from last quarter due to the aforementioned capital expenses plus regular operating expenses. There is only one homeowner on the AR report with a balance of over $4,000 and a lien was filed & recorded yesterday with the county.

The 2-week sealing and crack-filling project with RMA has been completed so the road should be good in this respect for a minimum of 3-5 years. There was a conversation about reflectors/markers, especially on the sharp/hairpin turns which Medora will investigate. Holly suggested that the board should consider walking and/or sitting down with Brian Len (NWCC) during the next road report update understand how the cost of repaving could strategically be spread over a period of time and what that plan would look like. This information would be helpful in addressing questions at the 2021 annual meeting.

No update except that Tomas Stone called about some projects around his house that didn’t ultimately require any DRB oversight.

Wildfire Mitigation
CPG did engage TJ Thrasher from Sol Solutions to remove trees above the Stones’ house. CPG also engaged Keith Kyle from NRC to examine the remediation work Scott Carlson had done which turned out to be somewhat sub-par. Keith sprayed all the weeds and put down some additional seed.

Meeting Dates & Board Director
The next board meetings were scheduled for January 13th and March 17th 8am and CPG we will try to have a preliminary budget in January. The Annual Meeting proposed for Wednesday, April 15th at 4pm. Sarah will check with Mike Zopf to see if he has an interest in joining the board. Andrea will disseminate a new homeowner directory list for board members to consider other possible nominees.

Ron Lazof asked for a reduction on his October water invoice due to a confirmed leak that occurred at his house in August. After reviewing the documentation submitted, the board agree to revise his invoice to last year’s Q3 usage amount (July-Oct)

Mike Anderson wants to know if we are pursuing broadband service at Dakota Ridge. The board members agreed this is not something they want to pursue or engage CPG to pursue since it’s ultimately up to the providers. It was reported that YVEA is in the process of initiating broadband service but the exact timeframe and locational scope is unknown.

Holly requested CPG to send out an email regarding the trash merger between Aces High & Waste Management in case other owners like herself did not receive notices from the two companies.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:05am.

Recorded by,

Andrea Wilhelm, Commercial Property Group
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