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Dakota Ridge Board of Directors Meeting
May 9, 2019, 8am @ Commercial Property Group

Present: Sarah Jones, Holly Van Deursen, Nancy Pyle, Tom Valicenti, Jim Lob (phone), Paul Orzech (phone)
Others Present: Medora Fralick & Andrea Wilhelm (Commercial Property Group)

Water Update – Jim Lob
CPG is still waiting on a final invoice for the CCB project once the punch list items are resolved. The project has incurred $504K of expenses to date but the last invoice will still keep it under the full project budget. We are also still waiting on the copper testing plan we submitted to the CDPHE which was essentially documentation that the chlorine contact basin has resolved the issue. In the 10-yr capital improvement plan, next year is one of the largest spending years for the water system (budgeted at $109K) so it was suggested to circle back with Matt or Mary before the annual meeting on the necessity of that spending which includes iron ductile pipe replacement by lot 27 and 28 plus some valve replacements. Lastly Medora updated everyone that the DR conditional water rights need to be re-filed per the 6-year cycle which will result in some legal expenses and additional time from Tim Gibbons.

Paul – Financial Statements
Paul pointed out that our 3/31/19 AR balance was in better condition than year prior with only a handful of people in arrears. The capital reserve account balance has dropped to 245K this year due to the water project. On the income statement, revenues are slightly short due to water system revenues. In terms of water expenses last year, we budgeted 30K but spent $46K. Much of that was a result of an increase in Tim Gibbons’ consulting fees plus additional time from him on the CCB project and the water leak. Reviewing the capital reserve schedule, we added $122K from dues this year plus an additional 16K from water ops.

Roads – Nancy Pyle
The road have been swept and cleaned of scoria and there is a hillside slide near Nancy’s house which Native has evaluated but conditions need to dry before any work is done. CPG is also waiting on some revised pricing from Ben Schreiner to decide how much work should be done this summer beyond crackfill. It was suggested that since $2.5M of the CIP plan pertains to road replacement, the Board should have a meeting with Brian Len from NWCC to fully understanding the timing window and what is necessity vs. recommended. Medora reported that Brian’s overall opinion is that the roads have been very well maintained (with the exception of upper Trailridge.) The neighborhood could start milling out some of the larger cracks or save that money for a complete re-paving or preform the re-paving in phases. Holly pointed out that the capital schedule schedule doesn’t fully depict the severity of the “crunch years” of 2028-2030 bc the final column lumps 10 years of income yet the expense could be incurred within 3 years per the report. Nancy, Holly, and Sarah volunteered to be part of the meeting with Brian Len to further discuss next week & Medora will try to schedule it on Wednesday.

ARC Update – Holly & Medora
The only current project is a small patio addition for the Maxwells up Easement E. Designs were sent to Eric Smith and the committee will probably need to convene or approve via email in the next 2 weeks once Eric’s comments are returned. Holly pointed out that since Mindy Williams sold her home, her ARC seat needs to be replaced. Sarah volunteered to serve in the interim and volunteers/nominations will be requested at the Annual Meeting.

Wildfires - Sarah
Sarah reached back out to Bob Brown at CO Forest Service about conducting a Wildfire Hazard Analysis for Dakota Ridge. The cost is $52/hr not to exceed 20 hrs and the money is in the budget so the board voted to move forward. There was also a reminder about this Saturday’s wildfire conference which Medora and Sarah will be attending and can provide a follow up report. Lastly, the board recommended the CPG provide a list of the local tree removal services in the Annual Meeting Packet as a reminder of the fire hazard.

Trash Bids
Before moving further, the board wants to poll the neighborhood in the survey on their thoughts on the concept. Andrea will f/u to find out if there are contract termination penalties and a “suspension” option to cancel service when second homeowners may be gone for a period of time.

Other Business
Medora shared that yesterday, an owner inquired about the option to spray their private property for mosquitos when Vector is spraying the rest of Dakota Ridge common area. The board agreed CPG could send an email advising interested homeowners to reach out to the contractor, similar to our weed control vendor.

CPG has only 19 ballots of the 38 needed for the Annual Meeting so CPG will send an update on Monday of who is missing so the board can start making phone calls.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15am

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Andrea Wilhelm
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