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Dakota Ridge Homeowners Association
Annual Meeting of Members
at The Hampton Inn, Steamboat Springs, Colorado
March 22, 2018

The annual meeting of the members (“Members”) of the Dakota Ridge Homeowners Association (“DRHOA” or “Association”) was called to order at 4:00 p.m. by Board Member Paul Orzech.

DRHOA Board Members (“Board”) in attendance: Paul Orzech, Sarah Jones, Tomas Stone, Jim Lob and Greg Pyle. Medora Fralick and Nancy Kounovsky of the Commercial Property Group (“CPG”) were present. A sign in sheet for all lot owners in attendance and copies of proxies are included with these minutes for the record.

Medora Fralick of CPG stated that a quorum was present by members present and by proxy. A total of 39 out of 74 lots were represented.

Medora also announced the results of the Board Member Election. Forty-five ballots were returned. Greg Pyle received 45 votes and Holly Van Deursen received 42 votes. Both individuals received a majority of the votes and each is elected for a two-year term.

The first item on the agenda was approval of the 2017 Annual Meeting Minutes. Paul Orzech made a motion to approve the minutes as presented with Steve Hofman seconding the motion. A vote was taken with all voting for approval and none opposed. Motion carried.

Tomas Stone presented the 2017/18 financial results along with the Board approved 2018/19 Budget (see attached report). As of mid-March, it is estimated that the current year will compare favorably with the operating budget. Line items significantly under budget include snow removal and water repairs.

Regarding the 2018/19 Budget, it was noted that the annual operating assessment will remain the same at $1,025/lot. The annual capital reserve assessment will increase by $675 to $1,650/lot after consultation with the CIP Finance Committee. Tomas noted that the current capital reserve balance plus this next year’s assessment is expected to be sufficient to meet the near term costs. The Budget was put before the Members for ratification. A motion was made by John Williams and seconded by Mike McCurdie to ratify the 2018/19 Budget as presented. A vote was taken with all voting in approval by saying aye and none opposed. Motion carried.

Sarah Jones presented the Road Report (attached) and noted that Northwest Colorado Consultants recently evaluated the roads in the subdivision. The results call for seal coating and crack filling in the next 1-3 years. It is expected that the roads will need resurfacing in the next 8-10 years. Sarah also reminded the Members that all lots have a 15’ perimeter easement for the purpose of building and maintaining utility and water services. Landscaping is not permitted in these easements and easements shall be maintained by the lot owner.

Sarah also noted that annual ditch cleaning would be conducted in the late spring. Crack sealing and mosquito and weed spraying will also be conducted as summer progresses. All Association members will be notified in advance of these services and can coordinate to have work done on their lots during the time of services.

Jim Lob presented the ARC Report (attached), noting the architectural reviews that took place during the past fiscal year. Jim also reminded the Association members as to the process and standards of the ARC review process. Jim also reminded meeting attendees that exterior changes to any member's home or addition of landscaping requires ARC review.

Paul Orzech presented the Water Report (attached). The Water Distribution System Upgrade Project (Phase II) is expected to commence in 2018. This project is included as part of the 10-year CIP. Paul also noted that regular water testing was completed during the past year in accordance with State regulations and is in compliance with standards. The current water rate model will be evaluated upon completion of the water CIP report.

Paul also presented the President’s Report, as completed by Sharon Pace (attached). This report highlights the objectives of the Board in the past fiscal year and addresses the Member concerns that were submitted with the most recent ballots.

Under Other Member Issues, a question was asked regarding the current statistics on “unaccounted for” water usage. Paul said that current rates approximate 15%, which is reported to be average/normal per the experts. Medora noted that the rates used to be around 40% in the past so the rate has decreased significantly. The water rate model was also questioned by a Member and it was suggested that the model be more reflective of the use and impacts on the system.

Paul reminded meeting attendees that no ATV use is allowed in the subdivision.

Sarah Jones explained that Next Door app is available for Members to download and use to stay current on day to day information surrounding the neighborhood.

Sarah also noted that wildfire mitigation handouts from the Colorado State Forest Service were available at the meeting for tips on how to defend your property from a wildfire.

There being no further business before the meeting, the meeting was adjourned at 5:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Kounovsky
Recording Secretary
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