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Dakota Ridge Homeowners Association
Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday April 16, 2015 8:05 am

Present: Sharon Pace, Tim DePuy, Sarah Jones
By Phone: Tomas Stone, Carrie Hayden
Medora Fralick and Nancy Kounovsky as Administrative Staff

Tomas presented the financials as of FYE. Overall, the financial performance was positive compared to the budget. The overall surplus will be evaluated next month to determine how much will be transferred to the capital reserve.
The roads have been swept and the annual maintenance (crack filling) will be started in the next 30 – 60 days. Additionally, the road sides will be mowed again this year. If there is any conflict between the annual maintenance and the water system repair work, Medora will manage. Homeowners will be notified when the maintenance work will be done so they can schedule driveway work at the same time. Tomas will follow up with locations about leaning and missing signs.
Under the ARC report, Medora reported that the contractors who had dogs on the sites were notified about the rules during construction.
Sarah asked if there is any formal neighborhood clean up effort done? Sarah would coordinate if not. Tim asked about using kids for pay or volunteer service. There will be a robo call to solicit volunteers and Sarah will coordinate.
At this point, Jeff Lake and Mary Andre from Civil Design Consultants joined the meeting to discuss the water line replacement.
Mary discussed the modeling and the fireflows based on current pipe sizes and then if the pipes were upsized. The bid form for contractors include numbers for replacement “as is” and then for the upsized pipe. There appears to be a section of pipe from the water treatment plant to the first PRV that the engineers recommend be left alone and instead, add a chlorine basin . This part of the project will be an addition to the bid package, but there will be a large portion of the existing proposed project that will be deleted from the bids.
From this point, CDC will finalize the bid document and deliver to Medora for bid. The bids will be Duckels, Nordic and Native. Bids are due April 29th.
The next meeting will be on May 7th at 8:05am.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:50 am.
Respectfully Submitted,

Nancy Kounovsky

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